I’m the son of Cuban immigrants that came to this country in search of freedom, opportunity and their American dreams. For this reason, myclearpath.com is dedicated to delivering world-class software that empowers immigrants and that helps democratize the U.S. immigration process.

My grandparents, mom and family arrive from Cuba in 1969.

For many immigrants like my parents, the immigration process can be complicated, costly and confusing.

It’s because of their struggle and sacrifice — and millions of immigrants like them — that we started Clearpath.

We were founded by former heads of USCIS with the purpose to create software that would make it easier, more affordable and secure for immigrants to complete their applications themselves.

This is how Clearpath works to simplify immigration

And for this reason, we are supporting Citizenship Day by providing free naturalization software for the next week — Constitution Week, Sept. 17–23, 2015.

The White House Task Force on New Americans April 2015 Report

According to the White House Task Force on New Americans, more than 8.8 million people are eligible for citizenship but haven’t applied.

The top reasons for not applying: cost, confusion and language.

This just isn’t right — and these shouldn’t be barriers for our community to accomplish their American dreams.

We want as many people as possible to have the same chances our families had to reach higher and realize their American dreams as American citizens.

Our extended family in Miami, FL, in July 2015. Photo by Pabelona Studio

If you or someone you know has been waiting to apply for citizenship, wait no longer and please encourage them to get started at myclearpath.com

@eMergeAmericas CEO, @BidenCancer Advisor; @RootsofHope cofounder; @Georgetown Senior Fellow; @ObamaWhiteHouse alum; father/son/husband/brother

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